Where to Buy Room Dividers and Under $100 Options to Choose


It is always important to research where to buy room dividers and what type before you decide the best one to purchase. A room divider is often needed to divide children’s room, a large loft, or a studio apartment. However, the room dividers are often too expensive. That is why a little research is always needed, especially for those who are on budget. So you can find the best room dividers that can be purchased by spending less than $100.

Sheer Panel Curtains from IKEA

This sheer panel curtain from IKEA can become a great choice if you need a thin room divider. Hang the curtains along the ceiling tracks so you can make the room separated but light through. The curtains are available in 30 colors and styles. Visit your favorite store to find the best one for you. This panel curtains can be purchased about $30 for two pack. A cheap choice that can be perfect for those who need economical options.


Mio Culture Freestanding Room Divider

It is produced from recycled cardboards that are doubled walled. The Nomad system is the collected of tiled sheets that can become room dividers in freestanding design. This divider also works well to wrap around the corners. One of the room divider products from this brand; Nomad Architectural System can be purchased as cheap as $56 for 24 sheets of room divider.

Beaded Curtains from Wild Things

For those who love unique look by installing beaded curtains, Wild Things have many awesome choices of the curtains. The curtains made with ball chains will become an awesome choice for sleek and modern design of your home or apartment. The metal ball chain curtains can be purchased by investing $32 – $80. Look into Wild Things to find where to buy room dividers of beaded curtains.

Design Public Curtains

This designer curtain is designed by Bouroullec Brothers specially for Vitra. The design is made with a a system called Algues; it is the snapping of plastic pieces together so it produces formations that look like mesh. As many as 25 algues will become one square yard of mesh curtains. The 25 pack of the algues can be had by investing as much as $95.

World Market’s Folding Screens

For those who prefer freestanding room divider, this basic folding screen of Japanese shoji may become a great choice. World Market provides some affordable options that can be chosen including those that are made from bamboo, wood, and also rice paper. One of the best screen choices is the Espresso Shinto Screen that is made from white paper and dark hardwood frames. The price is $99.

Cotton Panels from Dania Furniture

If you love all about Parisian styles, this Eiffel Screen can become your most favorite room divider. The boudoir folding screens will become a unique, good looking but affordable room divider. The panels are made from cotton material and the frames are from black metal. You can have one set of this folding screens by spending about $80.

Those are some of the best room dividers that can be purchased for your home or apartment. Visit some well-known online stores to find where to buy room dividers.