How to Put Up a Wall to Divide a Room and Other Room Dividing Options


How to put up a wall to divide a room must be a great question on your head when you face an open floor plan. No matter you have an apartment studio or a penthouse, room dividers must be needed to ease the furniture arrangement and providing sufficient privacy. Some tips below may help you choosing and making the best room dividers for your space.

Floating Fake Wall

Installing a floating fake wall may become a great choice to divide your open floor planned space. If you are looking for something of how to put up a wall to divide a room but also need to make it suspending when you need more spacious area, then it will become the best choice. The floating panels will suspend from the ceiling so you can get the contemporary, art and dramatic statement in the same time.


Install the panels by applying a couple of hooks first to the ceiling. Use toggle bolts if you can’t locate the studs. Hang the panels by using ropes, chains, wires or anything that can be strong enough. Attach S hooks in every side of the panels and then hang them on the ceiling. Choose any design for the panels; shabby chic, mirrors with gold adorns, wood panels with paintings, etc.

Divide with Curtains

If you don’t have a wall to separate the sleeping area, a curtain will help so much as a room divider. The curtains can be opened or closed easily based on your needs of space. The fabric panels are not as sturdy as walls but you can get enough privacy, elegance and also softness into the bedroom. Install the curtains with rod or tension wires to make the makeshift room. Choose the right color for the curtains so you can make it suitable with the entire interior design of the room. If you need to add more patterns inside the room, patterned curtains are available in many options.

Bookshelf Barrier as Room Divider

A high bookshelf can be doubled functional inside your open planned room. It can become a storage for many things as well as room divider effectively. You don’t need to add a wall that make the room look smaller, whilst accumulate the clutter quickly by having the large bookshelf. Create a room with naturally flowing open plan as well as an effective divider. Display some pretty Knick Knacks, small photographs or any eye-catchy items besides your books collection. Have some closed cabinets on the lower part of the bookshelf where you can store kinds of things inside. Add L-brackets on both sides of the bookshelf to prevent it from tipping over.

The Flexible Folding Screen

Folding screens can become a good idea of room divider more flexibly. It is also one of interior decorations that have been used since some centuries ago. When you need to make the room more spacious, you can move the screens and the open plan is opened again. There are many options of folding screens available on the market, they are all ready to install and can be chosen based on your needs. Choose the best size, design of pattern and materials so you can make it as one of the most special features at home or apartment. By having the folding screens, you don’t need to think about how to put up a wall to divide a room anymore.