How to Divide a Room with a Wall or Other Partition Ideas


How to divide a room with a wall or another partition is something that you need to learn well before choosing and installing a room divider in your space. By installing some room dividers, you can make an open planned area to have multiple rooms with different functions. Besides, it will also be a more economical options compared with purchasing foldable dining room or bed, pop-out kitchen, or other room-saving furnishings.

Imagine the Floor Plan for the Room

For those who have one large room like a studio apartment, room dividing will be effective to make the area more functional in every corner. Before you apply the ideas of how to divide a room with a wall, it is important to know every space you need to make. Determine the area for bedroom, kitchen, dining room and also living room, including the entryway. As you have the design on your head, then you can purchase the room dividers as well as the most suitable furniture for the space.


Dividing Space with Bookshelves

You should have more practical solution to maximize the space. Installing bookshelves will divide the space with natural flowing open plan. Besides, the shelves will provide more storage spaces inside the apartment. It doesn’t always need to be floor to ceiling bookshelves, the lower bookshelves are also ok since they are perfectly match the interior entirely.

Thinner Room Divider of Curtains

The small space of apartment must make the room increasingly visually small if you have thick partitions. Then curtains can become thinner solutions, especially in the bedroom corner, bathroom, etc. The curtains will save some inches of space rather than a wall installation. Besides, the curtains also can be slide when you need to expand the space.

Creative and Functional Projector Screen

For the enthusiast of movies, it will be an amazing idea to have projector screen as a room divider. It will be an awesome unique divider installed to the bed’s foot. You can enjoy your favorite movie on the large screen while lying on bed enjoyably. Meanwhile, the thin partition function will make the natural flow inside the room.

Divide the Room with Color Coordination

Besides the items that can divide the room physically, it will also be a great idea to create room separation with different tones. You certain should separate the area for dining and sleeping, you can give different colors for those two areas as the visual trick.

Apply different subtle color and theme for every separate space so you can see them different psychologically. Every area should have a color theme that makes it flowing together naturally. For instance, you can pair a gray throw blanket on your sofa with gray or charcoal area rug. So the separated living area will be clearly seen.

Therefore, dividing an open planned room like a studio apartment shouldn’t always be with physical partition like a thick wall. You can have another dividing idea that will not make the room increasingly small. Learn more about how to divide a room with a wall but don’t make the room looks smaller.