How to Choose the Right Room Darkening Roman Shades Fold


Room darkening roman shades can be a really nice alternative if you don’t like using long and puddled curtains. Using roman shade is also a very good idea if you live in a sunny area and you just hate the idea of having too much sun shine entering your room. In addition, it is a nice and simple window treatment that will give you privacy without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of the room. When it comes to roman shade, choosing the color and pattern is very important. However, choosing the right type of fold is also an essential part of decorating the room with this shade. To make sure you can choose the right fold type that is suitable with your house design, these are some of the most popular fold type that you should know.

Flat Romans

This is the simplest fold type of all and you can use it if you prefer something simple and streamlined. You can also choose flat romans if you want to showcase the color and pattern of the shade without any obstructions. There are two categories of flat romans fold. The first one is unconstructed and the second one is constructed fold.


While unconstructed flat roman shade only consists of one single long fabric without bars in between to hold it, constructed roman has fabric panels sewn together to wooden bar that holds the fabric every 5 or 7 inches. Constructed fold still has the simplicity of flat roman and it is still great to showcases pattern. However, it looks more rigid due to the panels and bars behind the fabric.

Soft Romans

This fold type is also often called hobbled or relaxed romans. And just like what the name suggests, it is an unconstructed type of shade that looks flowing and soft like a waterfall. This room darkening roman shades fold type gives romantic and warm nuance due to its flowing vibe so it is really suitable for traditional houses combined with floral or natural pattern. This is also very suitable for houses with casual style or when you want to soften the look of a cold modern house.

Butterfly Romans

If you want to make your room looks elegant, majestic and expensive, butterfly romans fold is the answer. This fold type is actually similar with plain and soft romans. However, the edges are decorated to a shape of a wing that makes the shade looks pretty like a butterfly. Since the fold itself is already has a decorative element, it is best to go easy on patterns and colors when using this type of roman shade. It will be very nice if you stick with sheer fabric or earthy and light colors.

Austrian Fold

If you want something formal that you can use in a traditional dining room or formal living room, this is the one you should choose. The triangular shape fold on the bottom of the fabric makes this shade has a very formal yet warm vibe. The rich feeling it gives to the room makes it one of the most favorite room darkening roman shades.