Buying Guide of Big Lots Room Divider


Big Lots room divider is one of the options to choose when you need a partition for office, school, apartment, or when you need to make a cubical room somewhere. There are many more options of room dividers that can be gotten on the market. Make sure you can choose the best one that will be suitable for your needs. The best choice must be the one that can be stored away neatly when you don’t use it anymore. Learn some guidance below about how you can choose the best room divider.

Firstly, decide the main function of the room dividers. It could be multifunctional as information presentations display board, as whiteboard, help reducing noise, etc. By determining your needs, you can choose the best one for your space.


Partition Panels

Partition panel is one of the types of Big Lots room divider available on the market. This type of room divider will be a perfect partition if you need a multi-function choice such as for the orientation day or spontaneous office settings. If you need to use the partitions for creating cubical area or another private space, the lightweight panels will be the perfect choice, including for the permanent purpose. There are a range of panels that can be chosen based on the widths, heights, and designs. Besides the panels, you also need to purchase the accessories that are separately sold, such as angle connectors, T-base feet, straight connections, and also the casters. You can make the panel system based on your needs with the accessories and parts.

Freestanding Floor-to-Ceiling Room Dividers

This kind of room divider is also known as full-room dividers. This foldable dividers are commonly extendable from one side to another side of the room. You can use it fully to make a cubical room or fold it to open a part of the room. It is available in some choices of heights, but the most common height is about six feet. For a room that is not perfectly square in shape, it is recommended to choose high panels with below ceiling height.

Wall-Mounted Partitions

Compared with the freestanding panels, the wall-mounted partitions are the more permanent type. As a foldable type, this partition type also works with casters under the partitions. For those who need room divisions consistently, or need to create a space with multi-purposes, this partition is a great choice. Before installing the room divider, consider about how the partitions will be folded and mounted to the wall. Make sure that the room divider will be fit your room perfectly.

Storage Room Dividers

Besides a conventional room divider, it will also be a nice choice when you have bookcases or other cubical shelves and then use them as the room dividers. Choose a bookcase with finished back or made from plywood, so it will become a nice and more durable partition at the room. This type will be perfect for a daycare room or large classroom. Besides, making the back as a dry erase board will be also a great idea so it becomes even more functional partitions. Find to know whether you can get such multifunctional Big Lots room divider.