How to Build a Room Divider in Folding Screen Type

A room divider can add privacy in a small room and create new area in spacious space. What makes room divider interesting is its impermanence which a wall does not have. Using room divider retains the flexibility to swap the space function in easier way. Since it is impermanent, the room divider can be moved in to other place, slide away, or hang up in order to match the requirements of use. It might be opaque which allow little light to come inside and better air circulation. You also can use solid divider like bookcase which also serves as multiple purposes as book storage. Here, an idea on how to build a room divider if you want to make the one for your home.

Materials required

Before making room divider, you need to prepare a number of materials that will be used in the making process. As the main material, you need 3/4- inch MDF board, you had better to use the thick one. You need to prepare 4 hinges as well. As the divider, you will require 4 yards of fabrics. Do not forget to get any queen-sized quilt batting and mini foam roller. Use chalkboard paint as well to help you work with the divider.  Prepare other tools to do the work such as drill gun, hot glue gun, stapler, and spray adhesive. You can get 3/4-inch ribbon as the decoration as well.

Steps to make a room divider

The first step on how to build a room divider is by cutting the screen. Get a standard size MDF board and cut it into the height you prefer. For example, you can cut the board into 60 inches. After being cut, the board then divide into three cuts to create 16-inch-wide-pieces. Sand each piece of the board edge lightly to remove the pointy part. Since you will make a reversible room divider, you will paint one side of the divider with chalkboard paint. Apply the chalkboard paint with roller in three layers and let it dry. Then, you need to cover the reverse side of screen by laying out the quilt batting and cut it. To make the cut easier, you can use razor blade. Use spray adhesive as well in order to stick it. The next step is applying the fabric into screen. If you use patterned fabric, you should find the proper placement at first so that it is equal to three pieces you have made. Once the pieces are trimmed, apply the panel above batting and use hot glue gun to stick the edge of the screens. Next, you need to staple the fabric to the panels to form covered fabric screen with still unfinished edges. To make the edges tidier, apply 3/4 ribbon with glue gun to hide the staples. Measures about 8 inches both up and down for each screen and apply the hinges to give mark on three screw holes. As it will be a folded divider, you require putting a set of hinges which can attach two screens on the side of panel. Attach the second set of hinge into the second and third panels’ side. Before drilling, make sure you do pre-drilling into the holes which is smaller from the screw. It will make you easier to drill it reversely and forward after the little hole in it. This is one example on how to build a room divider.